auto mazar smoke report

Automazar smoke report

Auto Warrior

SeedBank: Dutch Passion

Name: Automazar

Did it autoflower?: Yes (around day 35 or so)

Medium:- Soil-BioBizz LightMix with 30% perlite added (11 liter square pot)

Description: Beside the automazar there were 2 Big devil XL flowering in the same time, used modular scrog

Nutrients : BioBizz Grow + Bloom

Light : 250w hps in a 150w cooltube ( the bulb was 3 cm longer than the cooltube glass part)

From seed to harvest: I harvested the plant on day 95 ( plan was to push it to 100 but the buds were to heavy)

Dry Yield: 116 grams ( a bit more than 4 ounces)

High/Effect Duration: Lasted some hour and half to two, sedating and relaxing, if smoked 3 in a row couchlock or bedtime

BAG APPEAL : The cured buds appealed almost brown of all the amber pistils.

THE SMELL: Earthy, with a noise itching aroma

THE SMOKE: After a 4 week cure it was very smooth and pleasant to the lungs

Notes: With just a 250w hps it’s a good harvest of delicious smelling and tasting superb product.
The goal was to maximize the bud production in a tiny closet (3’x2′) and I think that the DIY modular scrog net and the cooltube (10 to 15 cm from tops) played a huge part in the achieving of that goal.
The buds were also dense as rocks which amazes me for this little amount of light shared by 3 autoflowering plants in 11 liter pots.
Apsolutely recommendable.
Cheers to all my fellow growers !
AFN rocks.

SeedBank: Dutch Passion Name: Automazar Did it autoflower?: Yes (around day 35 or so) Medium:- Soil-BioBizz LightMix with 30% perlite added (11 liter…

Auto Mazar vs Think Different: Which autoflower strain is best for you?

Auto Mazar and Think Different have been two of Dutch Passion’s top-5 best selling autoflower strains ever since they were released. Both offer very strong THC rich buds and heavy yields along with an easy growing experience. But which one is the best autoflower strain and which should you grow? Much depends on your personal preferences and enjoyment of indica vs sativa dominant weed. Read on to find out everything you need to know about these two heavyweight autoflower seed varieties.

Which one has the most outstanding genetics?

Auto Mazar uses original Mazar genetics sourced from the Hindu Kush region. These are strongly indica dominant and often produce typical indica style autoflower plants with broad fingered leaves and short/medium height bushy plants. With lots of repeat growers, Auto Mazar often appeals to those looking to harvest premium quality indica dominant buds with a strong physical effect. The vape/smoke is a rich, luxurious experience with a hash-like terpene fragrance which will remind you of a Dutch coffee shop from the 1980’s. The buds feel dense and firm when you squeeze them.

Think Different uses sativa dominant genetics from AK420. This was a heavy yielding sativa phenotype of AK47, discovered after growing many individuals. Think Different autoflower seeds are often grown by lovers of high quality sativa dominant strains. You can expect a powerful, soaring sativa ‘up’ high with strong psycho active effects and a fruity/tropical terpene profile.

Think Different

Mazar X Indica autoflower

Parent Strain(s)

Flowering Type

Indica / Sativa


Auto Mazar: High performance Indica autoflower

Auto Mazar uses classic Hindu Kush, cannabis cup winning genetics from the original Mazar feminised seed strain. These genetics are tough, resilient and easy to grow indoors or outdoors. Indoors, Auto Mazar takes around 75 days to grow from seed to harvest. Occasional heavy yielding phenotypes may require and additional week or two. Outdoors, Auto Mazar can take around 100 days to reach harvest, especially in cooler climates.

Auto Mazar is classed as one of Dutch Passion’s High THC strains. A small amount goes a long way with an enjoyable body buzz. Smoke a little more and you can feel a strong couch lock effect, your muscles relax and stress simply dissolves. Many medical cannabis users report Auto Mazar gives good relief from physical pain symptoms and can help with sleep when taken just before bed.

Think Different: Stunning Autoflower from a special AK47 hybrid

Think Different is one of the few autoflower strains classed as a ‘Very High’ THC strain. Grow Think Different if you demand the highest potency levels and nothing else! The sativa dominant genetics come from AK420, a THC rich phenotype of AK47 found after a very large seed selection. It’s a powerful high, recommended only for experienced cannabis lovers. You may find the high similar to some Haze varieties, stimulating and energetic. Maybe not the best just before bedtime, but perfect for those with lots to do and energy to burn.

Think Different can grow in a X-mas tree shape and may reach a little taller than Auto Mazar due to the sativa dominant genetics. Think Different reaches around 1m indoors, occasionally a little taller. Think Different usually grows from seed to harvest in around 11 weeks indoors. Outdoors, she can take an extra couple of weeks. Yields are high and it’s an easy autoflowering seed strain to cultivate, even for inexperienced growers.

Think Different or Auto Mazar, which one is the most potent?

Both Auto Mazar and Think Different are extremely strong smokes. Perhaps Think Different may just produce slightly higher numbers in lab testing with a few extra percentage points of THC. But it may be difficult to spot a clear difference in potency after vaping/smoking both of them. Perhaps you may need to use a little less Think Different to produce the same effect as Auto Mazar, but there’s not a significant potency difference between the two.

Think Different


Perhaps a more useful question to consider is whether you have noticed a strong personal preference towards indica or sativa. Sometimes this is just as important a question as potency, if not more so. If you love the relaxing cosy feeling of a top quality indica late at night then you would probably reach for the Auto Mazar jar every time. If you are heading out to see some friends for a fun evening you may prefer to open your stash of Think Different buds.

Another consideration for experienced cannabis lovers is taste and aroma. You know that both Auto Mazar and Think Different will get you very, very high. So usually the choice between the two strains isn’t based on potency. Some growers adore the deep and rich hash aromas and flavours that come from Auto Mazar. These hash flavours are special, delicious and worth savouring. If that sounds like you then Auto Mazar should be in your cannabis seed stash.

If, on the other hand, you prefer the fresh tropical and fruity flavours that come from a quality sativa then Think Different seeds could be the ones for your next autoflower grow.

Experienced growers that can provide optimised, stable grow room conditions will get the highest yields along with the best terpene profiles and strongest buds. Indoor cannabis growers are finding that LED lighting is a great way to take quality to the next level.

If you really love to push THC levels right to the limit then you may also want to read more about the 25% THC levels found in Dutch Passion’s Auto Cinderella Jack. It’s a great choice for those that really like to push home growing to the max.

Which one is the most convenient for home growers?

Autoflower seeds have earned their reputation for being the easiest and fastest way to grow cannabis. Indoors, you can expect them both to grow from seed to harvest in around 75 days. They are convenient to grow, along with the rest of Dutch Passion’s autoflower seed collection. But take a closer look and you will note some subtle differences between the properties of Auto Mazar and Think Different.

Think Different



Seed to harvest


If you have limited vertical growth space in your grow area, then perhaps Auto Mazar would be the preferred choice. With the indica dominant genetics you may find that Auto Mazar can finish blooming a little earlier than Think Different. So if you need a crop in double-quick time, Auto Mazar seeds could be the better choice.

Think Different has a sativa dominant genetic profile, allowing her to stretch a little higher during bloom. Think Different, with sativa dominant genetics, may also require a little longer to finish. Occasional Think Different phenotypes can take around 12-13 weeks from seed, but yield very heavily.

It’s worth adding that both Auto Mazar and Think Different give great results when grown in greenhouses or poly tunnels. The greenhouse protects your cannabis plants from the worst of the early and late season weather, as well as amplifying the warmth and protecting your plants from animals. Plant your autoflowering marijuana seeds in a greenhouse and you can expect fast growing, large healthy plants with generous harvests.

Auto Mazar: Robust and easy to grow Afghani Kush

Auto Mazar is a tough and robust auto strain. She benefits from the resilient nature of the Hindu Kush genetics, requiring little effort to grow. Once you germinate the seeds (below are links to some of the easiest ways to germinate cannabis seeds), Auto Mazar grows herself. She usually remains relatively short and stocky with heavy yielding side branches and a powerful penetrating aroma.

Auto Mazar usually produces one central bloom with a ring of slightly shorter side blooms. Generally she doesn’t stretch much, remaining compact with dense buds. She grows well in all grow mediums and grow styles, just like the rest of Dutch Passion’s autoflowering seed collection.

Indoor growers using techniques such as deep water culture can produce several hundred grams of high THC weed from a single plant. For many fans of indica dominant kush varieties there is simply no better autoflower seed than Auto Mazar. She combines a deeply enjoyable high with heavy yields and fast growth. Combine this with the ease of growth and uniquely delicious aromas and you have, perhaps, the complete autoflower variety.

Think Different: Stunning yields and very strong weed

Think Different remains one of the very best sativa dominant autoflower strains ever produced by the Dutch Passion breeders. Some repeat customers grow nothing else. With very high THC levels consistently around 20% and heavier yields than most other autoflower strains, Think Different has everything a home grower could want.

Indoors, the sativa dominant genetics can stretch a little to produce plants that can reach and occasionally exceed 1m. This can allow some very heavy yields, branches can need support to prevent them collapsing under their own weight. With a strong fresh and fruity aroma the sativa buds give an energising and uplifting high which melt stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Indoors or outdoors this variety performs consistently well and requires no experience to grow.

Like all Dutch Passion autoflower seeds, she can be grown indoors under 20 hours of daily light taking around 11 weeks from seed to harvest. Outdoors, she can take an extra couple of weeks to finish.

Which of Auto Mazar or Think Different deliver the best yields?

Both Auto Mazar and Think Different are heavy yielding autoflowers. Either variety is capable of producing well over 250g per plant by the most experienced growers using hydroponic growth techniques. So yield is rarely a differentiating factor when choosing between the two varieties – they both deliver high quality buds in abundance.

However, Think Different may have the slight edge when it comes to yields. The sativa dominant genetics can produce blooms as long and wide as your forearm in optimum conditions. Combine this with the ability for Think Different to reach slight larger dimensions and you have a genuine XXL yielder. But that’s not to say Auto Mazar is a lightweight in yield at all. She can produce monster yields, especially in the hands of skilled growers that can optimise the grow environment and deliver high quality, high intensity light e.g. a quality LED growlight.

Think Different


If you want to encourage the heaviest yields from your autoflower seeds you may want to try growing them in air pots or fabric sacks. Both of these provide high levels of root aeration. This encourages a healthy and extensive cannabis root network, essential to a healthy plant and quality harvests.

Below are some customer grow reviews of Auto Mazar and Think Different, perhaps they will inspire some ideas for your next autoflower seed grow.

This grow review shows Some heavy yielding Auto Mazar plants grown in 30 litre air pots of coco fibre under LED. Note the heavy yielding side branches and the large Xmas tree structure.

As previously mentioned, Auto Mazar uses tough Hindu Kush genetics and grows well under a wide range of conditions, even if they are not ideal. In this customer review Auto Mazar was grown in a small 60x60cm grow tent in soil and fed with tomato feed. She still produced 82g of excellent quality dry weed.

Think Different also loves an optimised grow room. In this customer grow review high power LED and Plasma lights were used to grow Think Different in hydroponics with CO2 enrichment.

Two of the best high THC autoflower strains, but which one to grow? Read this comparison of Auto Mazar and Think Different to see which is right for you