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aurora indica


Introduction: Aurora Indica is a 90% indica dominant hybrid that is a real powerhouse when it comes to potency. She remains short in height and yields rock hard buds, meaning she is ideal for beginner growers with limited space looking for a fast flowering variety.

Genetics: By crossing Afghani and Northern Lights together, Aurora Indica inherited the tough resilience and growth structure of her parents. This F1 hybrid will be able to take cold and wet weather meaning she performs well in colder climates, however due to the density of the biomass from her buds, be vigilant of mould late into the flowering stage. Aurora Indica will grow bushy, uniform plants that require little maintenance, meaning this strain is best suited for Sea of Green setups in comparison to SCROG.

Strain Characteristics: Because of her indica dominance, you can expect Aurora Indica to grow with a low profile during the growing phase of 18/6, and when flowered will not stretch much. Not only does this strain do very well when grown closely together, she is also well recommended for growers with limited height. Aurora Indica will grow with thick fingered fan leaves with very short internodal spacing.

Flowering will take between 9-11 weeks depending on phenotype, and during this time we recommend to use a dehumidifier to control the humidity levels. Aurora Indica will produce extremely compact, resin soaked golf ball sized nugs that can be described as spiced, dank, earthy and pungent. Despite THC levels ranging from 14-17%, and 0.1% – 1% CBD levels, Aurora Indica is popular amongst medical patients seeking therapeutic relief.

Experiencing this strain: Smoking Aurora Indica will have an immediate effect, thanks to her full blooded indica nature. Certainly a couch locking strain, so recommended for evening use to avoid feeling sleepy all day. Her effects will cause eyelids, arms and legs to become heavy followed by an urge to eat.

Her flavours are very bold and earthy, with overtones of pepper and herbal spices. Aurora Indica is a good choice for chilling out at home with friends taking it easy. Medical patients may find this hybrid to be one of the most therapeutic strains Nirvana offer, as she may help with relieving inflammation, aches and pains and symptoms of insomnia.

What makes this strain so great: Aurora Indica is a very easy to grow strain, short flowering hybrid with a low profile, and through the roof potency. A heavy hitter and one that we recommend for night times only or for smokers with a high tolerance.

Aurora Indica seeds grow into famous and notorious couch-locking plants. ⭐Indoors and outdoors ⭐Body tingling

Aurora Indica


Мощный F1 гибрид индики.
Плотные шишки, сочащиеся смолой.
Эффект просто валит с ног.

Aurora Indica – это гибрид F1 разновидности Afghan и Northern Light. Отличается малой высотой, тяжелыми соцветиями и плотными шишками. Для этого сорта свойственно большое количество смолы. При курении выделяется темный, почти черный ароматный дым, обладающий тяжелым завораживающим эффектом. Возможно, это наша самая мощная индика.

THC and CBD values


Parents This strain is a cross between Afghani x Northern Lights.
Genetics A Преимущественно индика strain that grows into a shorter, bushier plant with a more calming and body high effect.
Feminized These seeds are guaranteed to grow into женский plants, all plants end up producing potent buds.
Выращивание This strain can be grown both В открытом и закрытом грунте, it is generally more resistant to external factors.
высота The plant grows Короткая of height when compared to other strains, perfect for growing within limited space.
урожай This strain has a yield of 400 – 500 г/м² в SOG on average, a moderate yield when compared to other strains.
Период цветения This plant flowers between 9 – 11 недели after the vegetative stage.
трудность This strain is easy to grow, forgiving and great for beginners, can reach its full potential with basic care.


2nd time

Great beans AI is a excellent strain

By joe g. posted on 2020-12-02

Large momma!

Unbelievable buds! Some of the best buds I’ve grown from Nirvana!

By Terry M. posted on 2020-11-18


I grew this strain outdoors and it was extremely easy to grow. It resisted pests well and gave me a great yield of rock hard nugs

By Daniel R. posted on 2020-11-19



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  • Пряный/травяной

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Aurora Indica Описание Мощный F1 гибрид индики. Плотные шишки, сочащиеся смолой. Эффект просто валит с ног. Aurora Indica – это гибрид F1 разновидности Afghan и Northern Light.