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Angelica Seed

Angelica archangelica

Often overlooked, this is a very versatile herb

  • Use in salads.
  • Can be eaten as a vegetable.
  • Crystallise stems for cake decorations.
  • Medicinal uses.

Supplied as a packet of approximately 20 seeds.

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Angelica is in fact a member of the carrot family, and an ancient and versatile herb.

Young shoots have many uses, including being added to salads, while the stems and roots can be used as a vegetable, and for flavouring gin and vermouth; the two-year-old stems can also be made into cake decorations, sweet meats or chopped into ice creams, or use the seeds in pastries!

The crushed leaves are said to reduce travel sickness whilst a tea made from Aangelica is purported to improve lost appetites. Additionally, if stewed and added to bath water Angelica said to relieve rheumatism and aching muscles.

Recommended by the RHS to be an excellent attractant and nectar source for bees and other beneficial insects.

  • Grows to 3-8ft (1-2.5m) tall.
  • Hardy perennial.
  • Stem can reach an arm’s thickness at base.
  • Flowers July-August.
  • Prefers deep, moist soil (likes riverbanks!)
  • Will grow in full sun (but benefits from a mulch) or partial shade.
  • Will self seed.
  • Sow seed in autumn or spring in rich, fertile soil.
  • Sow in 1″ (2.5cm) deep drills.
  • Germination can take 2-3 weeks.
  • Thin seedlings to 6″ (15cm) apart.
  • Plant 2-3ft (60-90cm) apart.
  • Top Tips
  • Angelica will self-seed everywhere if allowed to flower so either cut the flowers off before they set or ‘bag’ the flower heads.
  • Being biennial it is likely to die if allowed to set seed. Angelica is, however, hardy so it is worthwhile prolonging the life of the plant from year to year by cutting off the flowers before they set seed and/or cutting the plant down to ground level in the autumn.
  • Culinary Uses
  • Stalks can be candied for cake decorations.
  • Shoots can be added to salad.
  • Stems and roots can be used as vegetables.
  • Seeds can be used in pastries.
  • Flowers are edible.
  • Medicinal Uses
  • To treat digestive problems.
  • Crushed leaves freshen the air in a car and are said to reduce travel sickness.
  • Tea made from the leaves are said to be tonic for colds and for reducing flatulence.
  • Use as a ‘bath oil’ for aching muscles and rheumatism.
  • Other Uses
  • Leaves can be use in pot pourri.
  • Can be used to increase appetite.
  • Oils can be used in gin, vermouth, Chartreuse and perfumes.

As with all alternative medicines and plants with purported medicinal benefits it is important to inform your health care providers that you are using them; this helps to ensure safe and coordinated care. We can accept no liability for any side effect or contingency from any allergy or any other cause or harm that may arise. If in doubt please do consult a medical practitioner before using.

Angelica Seed. Use as a vegetable, to crystallise, pot pourri or for flavouring your own gin! A hardy herb plant that looks good in the ornamental garden.

Angelica Seeds

As part of the carrot family, Angelica archangelica has serrated leaves and a fluted tube-like stalk. Angelica produces a pleasant musky scent often compared to that of juniper or coriander. It has been cultivated for ages as an aromatic bitter and all parts of the plant including root, seeds, and leaves can be used for culinary creations.

Angelica is a self-seeding biennial, meaning that the plant will die in its second year after producing seed. It blooms in the early summer of the second year, producing seeds by late summer into fall. It can also be propagated by taking second-year root cuttings and planting them.

It is recommended to start seeds outside in the fall by lightly tamping scattered seeds into moist, well-drained top soil in a partially shaded area. Use of either stratification or starting seeds indoors before early spring planting is a successful method for growing as well.

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