airtight glass jars for weed

Getting the Right Airtight Weed Container

It is very tempting to get as much cannabis as you can so that you won’t have to worry about running out. However, you may have encountered issues about storing them. Does your weed develop molds or just dries up? You may not be storing it right. That’s why it’s important that you know about getting the right airtight weed container. We’ll help you with that. Also, we’ll be listing several benefits of a well kept weed stash so that you’ll make it a point to keep them properly stored.

How to Store Weed

Even if you think you’ve kept your stash the best way possible, chances are that you’ve just placed them in a plastic bag and stored them away. Plastic bags are not good containers for your cannabis because of the exposure that your stash will get. It is not well-protected with such bags. Before you know it, your cannabis has deteriorated and it can’t be used anymore. To help you store your stash properly, here are some top tips that you should keep in mind.

Avoid Using Plastic

Cannabis has to be stored in a container. That’s the first and most obvious rule in proper storage. If you just leave it to lie around, it will dry out. And when you smoke it, the feeling in throat won’t be pleasant.

Again, plastic bags shouldn’t be your go-to container here. The weed will become brittle very fast. Don’t go for plastic containers or jars either. The static charge will affect the trichomes of your cannabis. When this happens, the weed loses its THC and you won’t be getting much effect from your stash when you use it.

Storing Weed as an Herb

It is best if you see cannabis as an herb because that’s what it is. Once you have that mindset, you’ll have a better understanding of how it should be stored. In the same way that you store the herbs you use for cooking in a particular manner, so should your cannabis. You shouldn’t place it where there is direct sunlight; the temperature is too hot, too moist, or too dry.

Sunlight and an atmosphere that is too hot will dry out the cannabis. If the environment is too moist, then it will encourage the growth of molds. This is dangerous if you smoke weed that has turned moldy. Oxygen exposure to cannabis should also be limited. Different strains should be kept separately so as not to affect each of the strain’s unique flavor.

Getting the Right Airtight Weed Container

Now that you know the ideal conditions for storing cannabis so that it remains potent, flavorful, and fresh for a long time, we’ll delve deeper into the question: what container should you put your weed in?

Airtight Glass Jars with Dark Tint

If you’ve been into pot shops, you may have already noticed that glass jars are the usual containers where the cannabis is placed. When buying loose weed, you get it in a glass jar that is sealable. This is good because oxygen exposure is limited and humidity inside the jar is stabilized. To make sure that the container is tightly sealed, you can get an airtight lid if your jar doesn’t come with it.

But don’t just get any ordinary glass jar. A clear one will still expose your cannabis to sunlight which is not good. Find ones that have a dark tint. This will protect the cannabis from sunlight. As for the size, there shouldn’t be a lot of extra space because the air inside the jar can still make the buds go dry. Choose a size that is just enough for your stash.

CVault Airtight Weed Container

There may be a lot of options for storing cannabis. But only a few of them really work. Among the best airtight weed containers is the CVault. It is a smell-proof and leak-proof stainless steel container. There are various sizes to choose from. It has sturdy clamps to make sure that it is airtight. Humidifier packets are also included which helps in rejuvenating dried out buds.

The design of this container is meant to block UV rays and keep excess oxygen from getting in. CVault is sure to extend the potency and freshness of your stash for a long time. While CVault keeps your cannabis from going dry, it is still important that you store it in a shelf that won’t have any temperature fluctuations as well as direct sunlight.

What to Keep in Mind When Storing Cannabis

Apart from the things already mentioned here, it should be made clear that you ought to avoid leaving your stash where your pets, children, and other people will find it. Also, don’t place it in plastic bags or aluminum foils. Keep it where it is dark and cool. Do your best in storing your stash so that it won’t dry up.

It’s also worth mentioning that the myth of keeping weed fresh is to store it in the fridge doesn’t work. It actually affects its potency. Cannabis is not like vegetables or fruits that stay fresh when placed in the refrigerator. Cold temperatures will degrade the THC of the weed along with other cannabinoids. What this means is that you won’t be getting anything out of your cannabis because it has lost its potency already. So, avoid putting it in your fridge.

Health Benefits of a Well-Stored Weed Stash

For many people, cannabis has a bad reputation. But there are many studies that have focused on the health benefits of weed. Here are some examples of such benefits.

  • Cannabis is said to help in slowing down Alzheimer’s disease progression.
  • There’s a sweet spot on the dose of cannabis where it can relieve anxiety. If too much is consumed though, the person will experience increased paranoia and anxiety.
  • People with arthritis can benefit from cannabis because it can offer relief from inflammation and pain.
  • Weed has a chemical compound called cannabidiol. This is important in the treatment of cancer because it is said to have an effect on the ID-1 gene. This is the gene that cancer cells make use of to spread cancer.
  • There have been studies on the effects of cannabis on stopping seizures in people with epilepsy.
  • The cannabinoids in weed are said to help in reducing the pain brought about by multiple sclerosis.
  • Having at least sixty cannabinoids such as THC, cannabis has been used for treating nausea because of chemotherapy.
  • Cannabis is said to ease tremors as well as improve the fine motor skills of people with Parkinson’s disease.

A Word of Caution

The experts continue their studies on the many health benefits of cannabis. While the list of such benefits can go on and on, it is still important to note that the use of cannabis has several health risks as well.

You may get addicted to cannabis and when you do decide to stop, you will experience tough withdrawal symptoms. People who are sensitive to the substance may feel anxious and paranoid. Cannabis has mind-altering effects which affect people who use it for the first time. And there is an increased risk of heart attack, according to one study.

Before you decide to use cannabis to address your health problems, you should definitely talk to your physician. This will ensure that you are aware of the pros and cons of using cannabis.

Does your weed dry up? You may not be storing it right. That’s why it’s important that you know about getting the right airtight weed container.

The best ways to store marijuana: Containers, ideal conditions and more

So, you’ve figured out how to get a medical cardВ for marijuana, or just walked into a legal recreational pot shop. You’ve settled on how and where to smoke (or vape) it. You’ve bought a good amount — at least an eighth, or maybe a quarter — meaning you’re not going to burn through it all in a night. You’ve had a joint’s worth or two, and that’s plenty for the moment. В В В

What do you do with the rest of it?

Weed storage was once bound up with secrecy: Successfully hiding it from your dorm’s RA or some other meddling authority figure often took precedence over the actual manner of containment. I myself used to keep it in a Ziploc bag stuffed into a hollowed-out part of an easy chair (my mom found it anyway). But given that marijuanaВ can deteriorate in certain conditions, and the increased openness of weed use as legalization marches on, it’s probably time to figure out some better solutions. Here’s what you need to know about storing your bud to give it the longest possible shelf life.

The ideal conditions for marijuanaВ storage В В

First off, you need to keep marijuanaВ in something. I’m sure nobody is just leaving it in a pile on their desk — right? — because that’ll dry it out, making the smoke incredibly harsh. Even in a plastic baggie, the preferred container for black market dealers, weed will be brittle in a month or so. The plastic jars you get from dispensaries aren’t much better, according to Thrillist, since their “static charge can fry succulent trichomes,” frosty little hairs that carry a great deal of THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana.В

Instead of treating your weed like any other medicine, start thinking of it as what it is: an herb. Much like the stuff you use to season your cooking, marijuanaВ does best in the dark (light is part of what makes your weed dry when you leave it out), relative coolness (heat will dry it out as well), and, perhaps counterintuitively, a dry atmosphere (moisture promotes mold, which nobody wants and is dangerous to consume), though, of course, not tooВ dry.В

You also want to limit oxygen exposure and your own physical contact with the buds, as both will accelerate the crumbling of those nice, firm buds into a fine powder — or “shake” — that some find unpleasant to smoke. В В

Best containers for storing marijuana

Now that we have a sense of what it takes to keep your weed fresh, flavorful and potent, the question remains: What exactly do you put it in?

The first answer is obvious to anyone who has stepped into a pot shop or medical dispensary — glass jars. Whenever you buy loose weed, it’s coming out of a sealable glass jar, which cuts down on oxygen exposure and helps maintain stable humidity. Bonus points if you can get one with an airtight lid, available for cheap at any number of homeware stores.В

High TimesВ also notes that you can go for a darker tint on the glass to protect your stash from the sun, and shouldn’t have too much extra spaceВ in the jar, lest the additional air dry the buds out. Overall, this is probably the simplest, safest bet for storage.

Of course, when it comes to marijuana, some people will always prefer to go high-end. That’s where a brand like Infinity Jars comes in. For a few extra bucks, you can keep your weed in a leakproof, smellproof glass jar specifically designed to block out all visible light, thereby extending freshness and potency for longer periods. If you want a true vacuum seal, plus some additional color options, check out the jars from Tightvac.

The jar itself doesn’t have to be placed anywhere in particular — a shelf where it won’t be subject to temperature fluctuations or direct sunlight works just fine.

OK, but what if I want to get really fancy?

You’re in luck. So far we’ve looked at jars that make great weed containers, but now we’ll consider some products that do more than keep out air and light.

One brand name that comes up often here is CVault. These stainless steel, food-grade storage containers come in a variety of sizes and feature several sturdy clamps for the utmost security. They also come with humidifier packets that some stoners claim will rejuvenate your bud even if it’s already dried out.В

Like all the containers discussed above, however, the CVault wasn’t developed with marijuanaВ in mind. For the true connoisseur with cash to burn, you can go for the ultimate in weed luxury: a cannabis humidor. For a couple hundred bucks, you can get set up with a Cannador — a sleek wooden box with all the right cups and drawers for customized storage as well as a humidity sensor that ensures the right moisture ratio. With another accessory, you can even sync the Cannador to your smartphone to monitor humidity and temperature. Nerd alert!

Is this overkill? Maybe. But it’s also pretty darn cool.

Where you definitely shouldn’t keep your weed

A lot of marijuanaВ storage is just common sense. Don’t leave it where kids or pets or mooching roommates can get into it, obviously. Probably don’t wrap it up in aluminum foil and tuck it under your mattress, either. Unless you’re desperate.

Yet there’s one storage strategy stoners have been using for years in the mistaken belief that it will keep their marijuanaВ fresher for longer: putting in the the refrigerator or the freezer. You’d think that, in the same way the fridge prolongs the edibility of fruit, veggies, meat and dairy, it might preserve marijuana’s integrity — when in fact it does the opposite.

Cold actually degradesВ THC and other cannabinoids, and the constant changes in temperature and humidity makes things even worse. The freezer can additionallyВ separate the trichomes (those THC-rich hairs) from the pot itself by crystallizing them into ice-like particles that break off the bud, which is bad news for anybody looking to get high with those nugs. Nevertheless, the myth that you should freeze your weed persists across the internet.

Good thing you know better — and your marijuana will last that much longer.

So, you’ve figured out how to get a medical cardВ for marijuana, or just walked into a legal recreational pot shop. You’ve settled on how and where to smoke (or vape) it. You’ve bought a good amount — at least an eighth, or maybe a quarter — meaning…