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Tips for growing Afghan Kush cannabis

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Strain overview: Afghan Kush has been around since long before the modern cannabis industry. It comes from the Hindu Kush mountain range and has been made available through the help of White Label Seeds. Centuries of selective breeding have gone into creating this plant that was designed for producing charas (a form of hashish). Afghan Kush has often been used in breeding projects, and is considered a baseline for indica exploration.

Grow techniques: Growing clones of this short-in-stature plant through the SOG (sea of green) method will result in a quick turnaround. Crop out anything that isn’t going to produce and let the big colas thrive. Try a hydroponic setup to maximize Afghan Kush’s yield and potency.

Flowering time: 5-7 weeks

Yield: High

Grow difficulty: Easy to moderate

Climate: Keep between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Be mindful of moisture and mold.

Indoor/outdoor: Afghan Kush performs well both indoors and out, but look out for moisture and mold production.

Feeding: Heavy feeding brings out the power of this indica. Keeping the plant strong and healthy with micronutrients will help prevent pests and mold from finding their way into the dense colas.

Learn more about growing the Afghan Kush cannabis strain, including its preferred environment, nutrients, and training techniques.

250W Afghan Kush in a Farm

  • Feb 8, 2011
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  • sweetcheeba
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    Hello All! New to the forums, but want to spread what I know and post some pics and info about my current grow. Big fan of the community you guys got here, so if your willing to have me, I’ll help as much as I can. If you have any questions or comments, pleasee ask away :smokin: anyways, here we go.

    First off, here are the genetics:

    (WOS) Afghan Kush

    “Afghan Kush comes from the mountainous system of Hindu Kush (north of Afghanistan).

    Another pure landrace Indica Kush, grows wild in the valleys of Armu Darya rivers that border with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It is a variety that is very stable (almost 100% Indica) and has been the fruit of successive cross backs between wild varieties of Kush since the different races of Kush grow in a relatively reduced geographical zone.
    Afghan Kush has a very powerful smell like the best Afghani hashish. It is also a very valuable medicinal chemiotype.

    Way of cropping: Mainly indoor/very good yield outdoor
    Race: Pure race obtained from Afghani Kush zone
    Genotype: Almost 100% Indica
    Height: Less than 1.5m indoor/ until 2 meters outdoor
    Width: Depending on prune. Some branched without prune.
    Growing time: 3 Weeks
    Harvest time: 45 – 55 days indoor/average
    Yield: Over 400 gr per m2 indoor/ 500 – 600 gr per plant outdoor
    Resistance to mushrooms: Average
    Resistance to plague: Depends on the plague
    Irrigation tolerance: High tolerance to frequent irrigation and fertilisation
    Medicinal Value: High (for its high content in CBD). Excellent like antiemetic and antispasmodic.
    Smell: Hashish
    Flavour: Fruity and sweet
    Effects: Very narcotic
    THC Level: 21.6% measured upon the rest of cannabinoids. 7.4% measured upon the rest of organic substances belonging to buds like: aminoacids, sugars, terpenoids, vegetal hormones, and cannabinoids (determined by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry”

    Veg Time: 4.5 wks under 250w HPS
    Nutrients: GH Flora Micro/Grow/Bloom 1/2/3 + Koolbloom
    Medium: Rockwool for propagation, and then hyrdroton when roots developed and into the waterfarm she goes!

    Expected Cycle of 12/12: 8-9 weeks (depending on trichs) under 250w hps

    Theres obviously a filter involved inside the stealth cab I made. DIY is preferred for me because not only does it save cash, but it gives you an understanding of how it all works because. put it together.

    Nothing special about anything leading up to week 4 so I will post pics below. Anyone have experience with this strain? If so, speak up, I’d love to hear different takes on harvest time, potency etc.

    Hello All! New to the forums, but want to spread what I know and post some pics and info about my current grow. Big fan of the community you guys got here…