a nugget of weed

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While there’s no definitive answer as to where the term “nug” derived from — or how it became ingrained in cannabis culture — the most likely explanation is as a shortened version of the term “nugget.” Originally, the word “nugget” was defined as a small lump of gold or other precious metal, but the term was eventually expanded to include small lumps or chunks of other substances, including cannabis.

In addition to describing the size and shape of cannabis flowers, nug can also refer to the quality of cannabis. Nug is a term cannabis consumers typically use to describe buds of high-quality cannabis. The opposite of nug is “schwag,” or low-quality cannabis.

Nugs make up the larger colas on the cannabis plant and have a relative density of trichomes far greater than leaves and stems or stalks. After the cola is harvested, the nugs are removed and manicured to clear away any leaves or stems that might be attached. Dried, cured nugs are sold for consumption.

Nug in pop culture

The term nug is used frequently in the cannabis industry and by cannabis consumers. As cannabis has become more mainstream, so have pop culture references to nugs.

Some places you might have heard the term nug in recent years include:

  • The namesake song “Haiku d’Etat,” released in 19992004 by the group of the same name (“… after partaking from breaking nugs down out of fat bud stash … ”)
  • The song “Blaze,” released in 2000 by The Pharcyde (“ … there’s no need for hatin,’ I got nugs you can hug … ”)
  • The song “Boulevard Star,” released in 2000 by Delinquent Habits (“ … I’ll be remembered in the hearts of riders, West and East siders, known to take nug, pack bowl, and light …”)
  • The song “Remember,” released in 2003 by Presence (“ … better yet one more hug, one more nug to smoke … ”)
  • The song “Where’s The Weed At?,” released in 2006 by Kottonmouth Kings (“ … I got a nug on my desk and in my dresser drawer …”)
  • The song “Higher Learning,” released in 2011 by Young Jeezy, with guests Snoop Dogg, Devin the Dude, and Mitchelle’l (“ … I smoke dro, good Reggie, smoke shake to nugs …”)
  • The song “Get Hi,” released in 2016 By Danny Brown with guest B-Real (“ … you swear you could make dreams come true, sticky icky nugs, real furry buzz … ”)

A term adapted by the cannabis industry to refer to manicured buds from the cannabis plant. Nugs are the smokable part of the colas that are commonly referred to as flower.

A nugget of weed

A nug is the slang term for a chunk of the bud material of high-quality cannabis. It’s a shortened form of “nuggets, ”and refers to the way pieces of bud look once they have been removed from the plant, dried and cured.

MaximumYield explains Nug

Nug is a slang term that originates in cannabis culture. Sometimes, it can be used to refer to the entire bud, but it’s more commonly applied to pieces, large or small. In some instances, nug can be used to refer to the quality of cannabis, but this is rare – the word usually only applies to high-quality bud material.

Some connoisseurs use the term nug to refer to marijuana in general, primarily because of the way they buy or sell it (as nuggets in a baggie). Nug is always short for “nugget” when used to describe cannabis.

Like any other slang term, there are variations on the connotations of “nugs”, as well. For instance, some believe that nugs only refer to pieces of bud material that are green or light green in color, and have no green-brown coloration at all. Others believe that the term has something to do with the presence of seeds in the plant material (nug shouldn’t have any seeds).

Note that the word can be spelled in a number of ways, including nugs, nuggs, and nuggz. However, regardless of spelling, the meanings remain the same when it comes to cannabis.

This definition explains the meaning of Nug and why it matters.