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30mg CBD per Capsule – 900mg CBD per Bottle Formulated using Helix’s Premium MCT Coconut Oil with 30mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) in Full Spectrum Hemp Extract per capsule, offering a host of valuable benefits for the human experience. 30mg of Full Spectrum CBD per Capsule MCT Oil (Derived from Organic Coconuts) THC Remediated, made from USA Hemp… Our Full Spectrum CBD 900mg Gel Capsules are made with clean, organically grown crude oil and are packed inside pharmaceutical grade capsules.

Hemp Extract Softgel Capsules – 900mg

Formulated using Helix’s Premium MCT Coconut Oil with 30mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) in Full Spectrum Hemp Extract per capsule, offering a host of valuable benefits for the human experience.

  • 30mg of Full Spectrum CBD per Capsule made from USA Hemp
  • Gluten Free
  • 1 capsule (0.5ml) one or more times daily as desired

Contains less than 0.3% THC as required by law. See Certificate of Analysis for actual THC content.

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Daily relief

Easy to swallow
Works quickly
Gluten Free

Easy to take, fast to start

Sometimes, waiting for a tincture to absorb or a gummy to digest is too much time. When you’re needing relief fast, hemp softgel capsules are the choice for you. Made using liquid hemp extract, these capsules go down easily and break-down in no time. Now you can get your CBD with no need to wait and no oily mess, just fast relief.

Why Helix?

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Helix Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is produced from USA hemp and contains a synergistic variety of terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids and fatty acids all native to the hemp plant, with the THC remediated to below the legal limit of 0.3%. These beneficial arrays of compounds work together synergistically in an entourage to provide all the complex benefits of full spectrum hemp with the ensured formulated benefit of staying under 0.3%.

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Beta-CP Complex

Helix’s unique Beta-CP Complex is an optimal blend of Copaiba Oil, Clove, Black Pepper, and Lemon Oil, which together, compliment the body’s natural response mechanisms, aids in absorption, and acts as a natural preservative.

Premium Grapeseed Oil

Helix Premium Grapeseed Oil is made from the berries of Vitis Vinifera L. Sativa grapes which produce a carrier oil rich in vitamin e, omega fatty acids, with high antioxidant potency, including resveratrol and quercetin offering a host additional benefits for the body. It also happens to taste great paired with our other ingredients.

Produced from USA Hemp

Quality Assured Third-Party Testing

Client-First Customer Service

Our customer service team are well trained to offer swift support, day or night, with client satisfaction as our top priority.

30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

3 reviews for Hemp Extract Softgel Capsules – 900mg

Bart – May 19, 2022

I started taking the Helix tincture daily. The citrus scent is very pleasant, and there’s no bad taste. I noticed a positive difference in my mood and less soreness from my morning workout

Garry – May 19, 2022

The Helix CBD capsules really did the trick! I took one before bed and had an amazingly restful night’s sleep. Definitely Recommend trying Helix!

Robert – May 19, 2022

Helix softgels help take the edge off at work without losing focus. I take one in the afternoon. They are easy to take.

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CBD Capsules (900mg)

A pill that’s easy to swallow. These pharmaceutical-grade soft gel capsules are the perfect addition to any morning or nightly vitamin routine. They contain 30mg of wellness inducing, homeostasis-heralding CBD per capsule. No spoonful of sugar required.

Bigger pill? Just as easy to swallow. Although these pharmaceutical-grade soft gel CBD capsules are the same size as our 300mg capsules these babies pack way more of a CBD punch. With 900mg of CBD per bottle and a whopping 30mg per capsule, these are perfect for the individual looking for more bang for their buck. Higher potency, just as easy to get down the gullet.

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Add 900mg CBD Capsules to Your Daily Vitamin Routine

Kosher beef gelatin soft-gel capsules, full of CBD, made with the health-conscious consumer in mind. These capsules have absolutely no taste and dissolve in your intestinal tract to maximize the uptake of bioavailable phytocannabinoids. Each bottle is packed with 300mg of full-spectrum CBD to help deal with daily routine physiological stress and aid in recovery from exercise.

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Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT-Medium Chain Triglycerides), Gelatin (Gelatin Capsules), Sunflower Lecithin

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