420: the documentary

420: the documentary

“Best marijuana documentary ever.”

Alaine Lowell – Thomas Paine Society

​ 420 was so great, I rented the Oriental Theater to screen it in Denver. ”

Bruce Daily – The Daily Doobie


“420 puts the final nail in the DEA’s coffin.” Jack Cole Undercover Narc (ret)

​Should be every cops duty watch this film to see the depth of harm we impose upon those we are sworn to protect and serve.”

Stephen Downing Deputy Chief (ret) LAPD

420 The Documentary is a chronicle of the relationship between cannabis and the US legal system over the last eight decades. The film contains facts which are well constructed and debunk the myths underpinning our nation’s drug policy.

420 The Documentary

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Scores of citizens attend 420 festivals openly celebrating pot smoking. Others experience tragic consequences: citizens being arrested, shot at and even murdered…