1:1 Cannabis Seeds

Cream & Cheese CBD 1:1 Feminised Seeds from Seedsman for sale at Seedsman Shop Online. Get Free seeds with every order. Offering the best seeds since 2 List of products tagged as 1:1 THC:CBD Ratio in the Alchimia Grow catalogue. Why cannabis seeds with a THB:CBD percentage are so special? It’s the ideal ratio for medicinal applications. Discover the best cannabis seeds now.

Cream & Cheese CBD 1:1 Feminised Seeds

If you’re looking for a therapeutic strain that retains all of the traits of a classic Cheese variety, then look no further than CBD Cream and Cheese.

With laboratory reports confirming CBD content of 18%, this brand new addition to our strain collection can be used in the treatment of a variety of ailments.

How Cream & Cheese CBD 1:1 Grows

CBD Cream and Cheese takes around 9 weeks to flower and is suitable for all environments and grow media.

Cream & Cheese CBD 1:1 Taste, Smell and Effect

In terms of aroma and taste, you won’t be surprised to hear that this 1:1 CBD:THC strain retains that unmistakable Cheese taste in abundance! While the classic cerebral effect of its Cheese parent is not present in this strain, the relaxing body effect is very noticeable. This means that both recreational and medical users can enjoy the effects of CBD Cream and Cheese.

A unique, high-CBD strain, CBD Cream and Cheese is a must-have addition to any seed collection this year; it’s an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

1:1 THC:CBD Ratio

This 1:1 THC:CBD Ratio tag shows cannabis varieties that contain very similar or equal THC and CBD levels. You can find these varieties in regular, feminised or auto-flowering seed format.

Ratio THC:CBD 1:1, without psychedelic effect

The effect of cannabis on the consumer can vary greatly depending on the cannabinoids ratios that each plant contains.

THC and CBD are antagonistic to each other. CBD reduces the psychedelic effect of THC, which means that a plant with the same or similar THC and CBD levels does not produce a psychedelic effect, or does so in a very subtle way.

By not producing a psychedelic effect we can take advantage of the THC, CBD and the other cannabinoids benefits without being feeling “high”. Thus we benefit from a clear, calm mind and relief from stress, pain, anxiety, etc.

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1:1 THC:CBD, a therapeutic cannabinoid ratio

The 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD is considered a therapeutic ratio. The cannabinoid spectrum is more complete thanks to the therapeutic potential of these two cannabinoids acting together.

Therapeutic properties are enhanced when the two cannabinoids with the greatest content act together with the rest of the cannabinoids contained in the plant, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. 1:1 is one of the best ratios for pain relief.

Since 2012, different seed banks have developed plants with these cannabinoid ratios. These are varieties for consumers who want to enjoy the flavours and aroma of quality cannabis, but without the feeling of being under the influence of THC allowing them to perform their daily tasks.

Whereas previously, many cannabis seed banksonly offered varieties with high THC levels, now they are also focussing on the creation and development of new genetics that offer benefits to those consumers using cannabis for therapeutic reasons.

1:1 Cannabis Seeds | Equal parts THC and CBD

Equal amounts of CBD and THC in your cannabis? That has its benefits! The high is not as powerful so you can still function perfectly. Yet the THC and CBD work exactly where you need them. Excellent for medicinal applications, but also for the recreational user who is looking for a mellow high. 1-to-1 cannabis seeds are a hit and that is not without reason!

Do you find it difficult to make a choice? Use our Cannabis Seed Wizard on this page; the interactive decision aid for the best cannabis seeds that suit your needs.

  1. CBD Crew (1)
  2. CBD Crew / Dutch Passion (1)
  3. Dutch Passion (3)
  4. Dutch-Headshop (3)
  5. Greenhouse Seeds (3)
  6. Paradise Seeds (1)
  7. Royal Queen Seeds (3)
  1. Autoflower and Feminised (6)
  2. Feminised (9)
  1. Beginners (7)
  2. Average (7)
  3. Green Thumb (2)
  1. More THC than CBD (2)
  2. 1:1 or more CBD (12)
  3. More CBD than THC (2)
  1. Strong smell (6)
  2. Mild smell (9)
  1. Mix (1)
  2. Indica Dominant (5)
  3. 50/50 Sativa/Indica (4)
  4. Sativa Dominant (5)
  1. Mix (1)
  2. 7-8 weeks (9)
  3. 9-10 weeks (5)
  4. 11-12 weeks (1)
  1. 10-11 weeks (2)
  2. 12 weeks or langer (1)
  3. 8-9 weeks (3)
  4. N/A – Non-autoflowering (9)
  1. Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse (11)
  2. Indoor and greenhouse (5)
  1. End of September (1)
  2. Halfway through October (3)
  3. May to August (Autoflower) (7)
  4. Start of November (2)
  5. Start of October (2)
  6. Unknown (1)
  1. Miscellaneous (1)
  2. 50-100 cm (10)
  3. 100-150 cm (3)
  4. 150-200 cm (1)
  1. Daytime (7)
  2. Evening (11)
  3. Motivating (5)
  4. Good Night Sleep (2)
  5. Get Creative (2)
  6. Socialize (1)
  1. Cheerful (3)
  2. Energetic (3)
  3. High (4)
  4. Lucid (10)
  5. Medicinal (11)
  6. Meditative (2)
  7. Relaxing (6)
  8. Sedative (1)
  9. Soothing (2)
  10. Stoned (3)
  11. Strong High (1)
  12. Uplifiing (1)
  1. Mold and pest resistant (2)
  2. Stealthy (2)
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CBD MediHaze (CBD Crew) 5 seeds

Medicinal Mix CBD (Royal Queen Seeds) 5 seeds

Auto CBD White Widow (Private Label)

Auto Cinderella Jack (Dutch Passion)

Auto CBD NYC Diesel (Private Label)

Super Lemon Haze Auto CBD (Greenhouse Seeds) 5 seeds

White Widow Auto CBD (Greenhouse Seeds) 5 seeds

Dance World (Royal Queen Seeds)

Durga Mata II CBD (Paradise Seeds)

King’s Kush Auto CBD (Greenhouse Seeds) 5 seeds

CBD Kush (Dutch Passion) 5 seeds

Painkiller XL (Royal Queen Seeds) 5 Seeds

CBD Critical Mass (Private Label)

CBD Skunk Haze (Dutch Passion / CBD Crew) 5 seeds

THC-Victory THCV (Dutch Passion) 3 seeds

Cannabis seeds with a THC:CBD ratio of 1-to-1 are perfectly suitable for medicinal applications or when you’re not willing to be stoned out of your mind, stuck to staying on your couch.

Entourage Effect

It is known that cannabinoids like THC and CBD in cannabis work together to induce all kinds of effects. These effects range from energy inducing qualities, to calming properties and everything in between. How does that work? When the THC- and CBD-percentage are equal a special situation arises. CBD inhibits the psychoactive effect of the THC, so that the high is often perceived as clearer. In addition, side effects occur in 1-to-1 cannabis seeds. Think about increased creativity and unprecedented relaxation without the well-known couch-lock effect, where you are, as it were, nailed to your couch.

1-To-1 cannabis seeds aren’t easy to develop, therefore there are only a few different seeds available on the market. Yet these seeds are not difficult to grow into a beautiful cannabis plant. There are 1:1 THC:CBD cannabis seeds for inside or outside and both indica or sativa plants

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Less Stoned Thanks to CBD

A more pleasant and functional and less paranoid high. Doesn’t everyone want that? CBD has the well-researched property of tempering the paranoid feelings THC can give you. As a result, smoking cannabis with CBD provides a relaxed, mild high that is inviting for spontaneous laughter, and as a kind of social glue. So a 1:1 weed is not only better for medicinal purposes, but if you’d ask us to share the proverbial peace pipe as well. After all, the feeling sinks less into your body, but rather into your headspace with this sophisticated mix of THC and CBD.

The Golden Standard

When you are talking about cannabis for medicinal applications, then an equal quantity of THC:CBD is the golden standard. Research into the qualities of cannabinoids is always continuing. Not that long ago we only knew THC. Fortunately, we now know that CBD is also particularly useful in the perception of weed. THC and CBD both have their specific applications, but combined in a 1-to-1 ratio, you have gold in your hands. Imagine: cannabis with a mellow high that relaxes you physically, without going knock-out.

Needless to say, for medicinal applications, using a vaporizer is better than smoking. You save your lungs, because you don’t burn the cannabis, but evaporate it at a lower temperature. Just warm enough to activate the active components, without the harmful side effects.

1-To-1 Cannabis seeds from the Best Brands

Both Greenhouse Seeds and CBD Crew are best brands when it comes to qualitative cannabis seeds with equal percentage of CBD and THC. Decades of experience of these two top growers are noticeable in the simplicity of the growing of the cannabis plants and in your cannabis. For the price conscious self-grower we can recommend you heartily our private label cannabis seeds. Take CBD Critical Mass from our private label for instance. This 1-to-1 weed is as sweet as honey and has powerful aromas. In terms of quality, it is certainly not inferior to the well-known brands, but price-wise it does. Try it today.