Purple Kush marijuana is one of the most popular marijuana strains. Purple Kush marijuana gets it’s name primarily from a chemical process. it occurs in the stems, leaves and flower tops. The chemical process turns the green chlorophyll color to a beautiful purple color. Purple Kush marijuana has the genetic ability to produce anthocyanin pigments. These anthocyanin pigments are triggered during seasonal changes. Green chlorophyll breaks down during that time. A purple hue shows through. It’ll show through the stems, leaves and flower tops. It’s really quite a beautiful sight watching the change during the maturation process. Not every strain has this ability.

This strain was created in California. A purple Afghan and  Hindu Kush were used to procreate Purple Kush marijuana. Always has a high % of THC under any growing conditions. You can now own this beautiful purple weed. Not only has the price been reduced. You can receive a further 10% price discount. Add 20 free seeds to the deal. Combined with guaranteed delivery and you've got a fantastic purple weed deal this week.

Purple Kush Marijuana Sale